Coffee Peene Ke Fayde

Coffee Peene Ke Fayde

A cup of freshly brewed coffee using coffee grounds or powder offers a lot more than phenomenal taste. If you are wondering what benefits does drinking a cup of coffee “actually” like “sach mein” have, read on and you might be surprised by what has been hiding on your cup.

When coffee is made by using the “real” coffee, the brewed liquid contains Chlorogenic Acid, an underappreciated superhero. Sorry instant coffee fans, but Chlorogenic Acid makes a grand entry only when brewed with real coffee, kaapi that!

Chlorogenic Acid is a compound of phenolic esters of caffeic and ferulic acids. Recent, extensive research has shown that these compounds exhibit activities like antidiabetic effect, DNA protective effect, and neuroprotective effect. In simple words, its benefits range from helping lose weight to reducing cellular aging.

According to Dr. William Li the author of best-selling books Eat to Beat Disease and Eat to Beat Your Diet, the Chlorogenic Acid in coffee has many wonderful effects.

He says that the acid in coffee activates circulation and improves the blood flow to the brain, the other organs and all the muscles. Chlorogenic Acid in coffee is also beneficial in improving gut health by helping the gut microbiome.

Apart from improved blood circulation, Dr Li believes that drinking freshly brewed coffee plays a protective role towards our stem cells. It helps renew the stem cells and eliminates old cells. And… it is known to slow down cellular aging.

This is your sign to start your coffee brewing journey today to reap all the benefits of coffee. Trade your instant coffees for simple brewing equipment like the South Indian Filter or the French Press or the Moka Pot and invest in some supreme coffee from Love, Kaapi to get started!

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