mokapot for coffee brewing

Must-Have Coffee Equipments for easy brewing at home

Coffee’s greatest superpower to create a difference between a good day and a bad one for a lot of us! It is not surprising that coffee lovers look forward to brewing their own coffee at home and are devoted to select cafes that pull the shot just the way it is supposed to be,‘Brew-tiful’.

Now, if you are new to the game of coffee brewing or are looking to enhance your coffee bar, here are three coffee brewing devices that you can invest in –

The number 1 on my list is the South Indian Filter. If I could describe a filter in three words they would be “rooted in heritage”. This simple contraption that is easily available at any shop that sells kitchen equipment can brew coffee in a few minutes. Its slow drip magic yields a coffee decoction that has complex flavor notes without any fuss.

To replicate a shot of espresso at home, trust a Mokapot. Invented by Alfonso Bialetti in the year 1933, Mokapot is Italy’s greatest gift to home coffee brewers. Not only is the coffee stellar to taste, watching this beauty in action is an added bonus as it is utterly satisfying to watch.

Yet another, classic coffee brewing equipment is the French Press. The modern day French Press is a result of a several modifications to a rudimentary version of a coffee press invented in France. The brewing method is unique as the coffee grounds remain in contact with the water during the brewing time and the plunger is used to seep through the coffee grounds. 

You can invest in any one of these or all three if you like to start brewing like a pro!

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