Fresh Coffee v/s Instant Coffee

Fresh Coffee v/s Instant Coffee

Fresh coffee or filter coffee is the result of brewing coffee grounds with the right amount of water using any brewing equipment. And by any, I mean anything ranging from a handkerchief to an espresso machine. Technically, up to 85% of coffee grounds are not soluble in water. Hence the process of filtering the coffee is essential to enjoy a cup of smooth and strong coffee.

Let me be honest with you today, filter coffee is bae but instant coffee is convenient.

Okay, now before you start to furiously type out how filter coffee has a bunch of benefits and tastes a million times better (not an exaggeration), I am on your team. Sorry, Instant Coffee Fans but I have sworn allegiance to freshly brewed coffee.

“But why?”

If you just asked this question aloud, here are my top 3 reasons:

  1. The process of brewing filter coffee using any equipment of your choice puts the control in your hands regarding the time, heat, and pressure to ensure even extraction of coffee. Trust me, it is a big deal.
  2. Freshly brewed coffee has natural, unique flavor notes that are missing in instant coffee. It is a treat especially if you enjoy a cup of black coffee.
  3. This point takes the cake- you can make café like coffees at home at any time you want and save time and money!

Coffee brewing is a skill and an art that must be honed over a period of time. However, there are no hard and fast rules! So get your hands on some stunning coffee from Love, Kaapi and try brewing using the equipment easily available to you. But, let me warn you once you go down the rabbit hole of brewing coffee afresh there is no going back.

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