Instant Coffee

Instant Coffee

It’s time to smell the coffee!

We are spilling the beans on instant coffee- “It is not real coffee”

We get it, instant coffee is great when you are facing a caffeine emergency. It is quick and convenient, but here is the harsh truth it doesn’t compare to the real deal.

Coffee is a ritual that involves using freshly roasted and ground beans that are brewed just right! The resulting liquid gold is rich in anti-oxidants, natural oils and unique flavor notes. Hence, a cup of coffee brewed to perfection is sometimes the only distinguishing factor between a good day and a bad one.

In the process of making instant coffee, brewed coffee is dried using technology to convert the liquid into water soluble granules. These granules are unfortunately just a cheap imitation of the real stuff. And, the taste is nothing like a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

So, if you need a quick caffeine fix when you are in the middle of something and are pressed for time and have no equipment on hand try Love, Kaapi’s Drip Bags that fit into a small nook of your bag and make brewing so simple and the taste is just so satisfying.

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