How to stay motivated and get work done when it rains

How to stay motivated and get work done when it rains

The rains are finally here! After the long wait, the sight of rain, the sound of rain drops, the smell of the rains drenching the parched earth, the feel of the light drizzle and the cool breeze are a sensorial treat! But a greater treat awaits in a cup of steaming hot Kaapi to keep you productive during this time of the year where you’d rather curl up into your bed than crush your goals.

While you’ll agree with me that a cup of steaming hot Filter Kaapi made with Love, Kaapi’s Bangalore Bylanes Strong Blend Kaapi can be a great help to stay motivated this season, here are some things that I resort to to stay focused on my goals, they might just work for you too.
  1. Wearing bright colours! Yes, this is something I do when the world outside looks like it has all been painted in the same color. A bright pop of Pink or a dash of Yellow is sure to do the trick. And I am being serious, try it.

  2. Keeping a small box of coffee beans on the work desk does wonders. The aroma of roasted coffee is going to elevate your mood. I smell the beans when I feel like I need a break but can’t afford to take one.

  3. Finally, planning tasks according to the duration of the songs on my playlist. I find this a fun way to challenge myself to finish multiple small and big tasks while listening to my favourite music. BTW Poets of the Fall and Cold Play are my favourite bands.

    Remember rainy days can provide an opportunity for self-reflection and creativity. It can be the perfect time to pick up new skills like coffee brewing or painting. Stay caffeinated and on track with your goals this monsoon with Love, Kaapi.
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