The Kaapi Story

The Kaapi Story

Like all good things, coffee came into my life when I least expected it.
My coffee journey from a non caffeinated human to the founder of an estate-to-cup brand of artisanal coffee was not as straight forward as I would have liked it to be. After being married into a family where coffee has been a way of life, I took my sweet time to discover the wonder that is Coffee. 

Just like coffee, I had my fair share of ‘going through the grind’ before it occurred to me that my family’s legacy can be shared with so many coffee lovers across India. It took many hours at the estate to learn about the process of cultivating coffee, understanding the work done at the ground level by the very efficient and amazing women who make up for a significant part of our workforce. I was amazed at their genuine smiles and enthusiasm at explaining every part of the process of growing coffee, sorry Kaapi. 

I started looking forward to the visits to the estate during different seasons. Witnessing the estate as it changed from bloom to sprouting berries and the berries gradually changing colour, I knew I was falling in love. Also, it’s another story that I literally fell many times on the terrain I was not used to treading on and my fellow women helped me get on my feet every time. As an ode to their smiles, dedication, and effort that I believe it is only fair that the world gets introduced to ‘Kaapi’ and the love it carries.

What started as a small venture in the corner of the spare room at home is now out growing that room. The vision to celebrate Handpicked Indian Kaapi is coming to life, and the next time you pick up a cup of coffee, rest assured that many women have made it their mission in life to bring the best Kaapi to you, with Love.


- Founder, Supriya Nayak

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