What do we do?

We cultivate Kaapi with passion, with care, with love. In the tiny hamlet of Javali in Chikmagalur District, our estate is nestled in the fertile slopes of the Western Ghats - a bio diverse region teeming with abundant foliage and wild endangered animals. We bring this single-origin artfully roasted kaapi to you, so that you may enjoy Handpicked Indian coffee. Anytime, anywhere. We bring the estate to you.   

How do we do it?

Our workforce of passionate women plant the beans and tend them through the bloom to sprouting berries, the berries gradually changing colour and roasting. We value nature and all it has to offer, so our coffees are sun dried naturally. While we cultivate both Arabica and Robusta, we also have pepper, cardamom, arecanut and fruit bearing plants like, Avocados, Jackfruit, Lemon and Oranges. Our coffees are purely single estate coffees and not mixed with coffees from any other estates.

We have mastered the art of roasting and blending coffees that create strong and smooth tasting coffees. All our coffees go through the strictest grading process to identify the highly graded Plantation AA beans. These beans are then roasted by one of India's finest master roasters to bring out the unique flavour notes. The coffee yields full bodied, bright cups packed with flavour notes of Dark Chocolate, Citrus and Berries, consistently. But, the divine aroma is what truly sets the mood for brewing the coffee.

Why do we do it?

Purely for the love and legacy of Kaapi. Drinking Kaapi is a tradition and therapy as old as time. From the mornings it refreshes to the evenings it soothes, Kaapi makes our lives a better place by just being in it. And so we deserve to treat ourselves with some artisanal, authentic, handpicked South India coffee.

Love Kaapi's Specialty Coffee

We are in your Homes

We bring freshly grown, roasted and ground Kaapi from Chikmagalur to your homes, so you can brew your cup of heaven. Kaapi that makes you smile, Kaapi that wakes you up, Kaapi that is therapeutic, Kaapi that you appreciate.

We are at Events

We are curating special experiences for Kaapi lovers! Whether it is a special Kaapi brewing experience at WeWork to help beginners and home-brewers fall in love with our authentic, artisanal coffee. Or a special painting and brewing workshop with Paint Bar to let coffee lovers translate their love for the beverage into creativity and beauty.

We are at Cafe's

We are artfully curating specialty coffee for any requirement you may have. Your restaurant, your cafe, your co-work space. We understand your flavour profiles, send you exclusively sourced and roasted samples and take bulk orders for coffee beans.