Estate-to-Cup Kaapi at your doorstep

This kaapi story begins at our estate, where we plant the berries and watch them bloom. The beans then leave us to get dried and roasted with our expert Q-graders with precision and passion. And finally, we put the coffee through the grind. This story finds its perfect happy ending in your home. Freshly ground cup of heaven - Grown, Roasted and Ground in the hills of Chikmagalur.  

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Dear Kaapi lover,

Love is in the air and it smells like kaapi.

For three generations, we have been handpicking the best peaberries from our plantations in Chikmagalur to bring freshly ground heaven to your cup. For us, coffee is not just a beverage, it's a love language. So give us the privilege to be the best cup of your day.

Sending you a whole latte love. Mugs and kisses.


Specialty Kaapi customised only for you

We grow and nurture single-origin AA bean, specialty coffee at our estate. Which expert Q-graders roast to perfection to create blends that stimulate your taste buds. For you coffee aficionados, check out what we can provide for you

  • The aroma is amazing!

    The packing is super professional and keeps the aroma intact. The super amazing smell as I opened the packet is something I wish I could bottle. The coffee has an amazing taste and the blending is just perfect.

    - Siddhant

  • It's super addictive!

    Its really tough to stay away from your coffee it's super addictive .. I tried atleast for 7-8 days and I give up. Also I have tried all the coffee the big brands too..but yours has that authentic smell.. it's all in the technique for perfect filter coffee..

    - Aishwarya

  • Made for Kaapi lovers!

    It's indeed made exclusively for Kappi lovers …it's so fresh you feel it has been ground few minutes ago. The aroma, taste and the richness in texture it's a perfect blend highly recommend for all Kappi lovers.

    - Anil

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